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It’s hard to talk with any clarity about my admiration for Susan Sontag’s work. Her books have been able to change my daily habits, direct me to writers I hadn’t known previously that I loved, and dictate a new line of inquiry for my own writing. Under the Sign of Saturn is familiar in that sense; as a collection of essays, it both reoriented my thinking about familiar topics and introduced me to new ones. Even when I disagree with her, I can’t help but admire the strength and ferocity of Sontag’s thinking.

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I generally don’t “rate” or “review” books written by friends, so as  to avoid any possibility of dishonesty as a reviewer. And usually, I extend that policy even to informal venues, like GoodReads or my personal blogs. When I do talk about my friends’ work, I try to be as honest as possible about my relationship, so that anyone who reads what I write will know that I am absolutely partial. So is the case with this book: Alissa Nutting is a friend of mine, and I cannot speak about her work with any pretext of objectivity…

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