Yes! I admit that I make up a member of the “generally liking Wes Anderson films” population, but Fantastic Mr. Fox is better than his usual. It has all of Anderson’s quirk, but forces him into a different mode thanks to the animation. The colors and the scenery are still Andersonian, sure, as is the script, but it takes a different weird angle that I can’t really describe. I laughed quite a bit more than normal. Maybe it’s the power of Roald Dahl underneath it? I don’t know. This is one Dahl story I haven’t read. In any case, this was a gem that I was glad to catch up on. George Clooney is pretty damn good. The way they deal with the “animal” side of things is hilarious. And OH OH OH: Meryl Streep! “If what I think is happening…is happening…it better not be.”