The Sam Rockwell 90s mini-streak continues with a tale of loveable gangsters and the innocent dopes that get mixed up with them!

So here we have the story of what happens when two guys, Sam and Eddie (played by Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn, respectively),  get confused with a pair of local safe crackers. Zany mixups, people! In this case of mixed identity, the two guys are forced to try to crack safes for an eccentric Jewish gangster, Big Fat Bernie Gayle (Michael Lerner), in order to pay back a never-again-mentioned debt. None of it makes sense, of course, but it’s funny at points. It also features a classic pre-American Splendor role for Paul Giamatti as Veal Chop. Actually, I think this is the best way to sum up the film: lots of nice/cute appearances by actors that you like or should like, but no real gestalt excellence. Mark Ruffalo and Josh Pais play the real safe crackers, and are pretty entertaining as they whisper trivial things through their work. Harvey Fierstein also does that thing he always does, and is endearing as he does it. But all the fun, funny, or sweet moments don’t really add up to much.

Meh, it ain’t high art, but it’ll help you tune out the pain.