I was really floored the first time I heard “Ache” from the first EP released by FKA Twigs. It was, in a word, hot. But a word never suffices, and so I had to play the song again and again. It was so breathy and penetrating, I was hooked and I had to buy the ep.

So needless to say I was excited to learn that she (?) had released EP2 this September. Like with her first release, EP2 is in many ways reminiscent of the glory days of trip hop, and especially the best work from Tricky. Her listing vocals exist in a terrain filled with choppy beats, ambient drones, metallic sounds, and caverns of reverberation; an industrial-inflected Sade.

But it’s not only 90s references that make sense. There are also some comparisons to be made with recent R&B, like The Weeknd, with the mix of unusual timbres and textures underpinning a general, pervasive darkness. This is not music to be played at a party until late, when people are riding out whatever trip they’re on.

I like it. I’m going to keep an eyes on this one.