John Turturro and Sam Rockwell flirt with frontal nudity and the 90s stay so 90s!

So the story is more or less 90s buddy flick gold: an uptight manager type (Turturro) makes a chance encounter with a free-wheeling upstart (Rockwell) who helps him learn to live a little more fully. Classic stuff. In the meantime, we get to see Turturro doing an excellent job of appearing like a real poindexter, while Rockwell is the wildcard screaming and carrying on in almost every shot. You could almost say that this is a warm-up role for the one Rockwell plays in Seven Psychopaths. The whole thing takes place in a sort of generic South, and so serves up some ripe clichés, but still manages to avoid overdoing it.

The best reason to watch this is for how 90s it is. Hydrox cookies get a product placement, much attention is paid to a mix tape played in a dashboard cassette deck, and the professional wrestling portrayed on TV really resembles what was on at that time, complete with a character called Saddam Insane. These are just a few details, but the point is that this is fun if you want a bit of a flashback to what the 90s were really like, rather than any romantic notion of kids wearing flannel. Straight camp.

For bonus points, listen to all the weird and awkward little dialogues that take place with minor characters far away in a shot or off screen. That’s when I think DiCillo is clearly messing with us.

Oh, and did I already say it? I’ll say it again: a remarkable amount of male frontal nudity in this one! It’s almost art-house!