Życie jest muzyką

An aging German bass player smokes a bunch while appreciating the music(s) of Istanbul!

The background is that Alexander Hacke apparently discovered Istanbul and Turkish music when working on the soundtrack for Fatih Akın’s Head-On, and so he comes back to capture some of the sounds that had been intriguing him since that time. What we get to see is a documentary of that trip made by Akın.

Istanbul is an amazing city, and this film does a half-decent job presenting just how brimming with life it is. Various musicians in multiple genres are given brief spotlights in the film, making it something along the style of Buena Vista Social Club, though it lacks the individual stories that makes that film so good. The music is fairly wonderful, though, and it’s an interesting looking into a history of modern music that many of us don’t get to hear. The gypsy-inflected songs performed by Selim Sesler were particularly good, for example, and I also enjoyed the contributions by a group of idealistic young street musicians (pictured above).

Overall, not the most amazing film ever made, but solid. And since I am in love with Istanbul, I can’t help but like it. I just could have done with less of the German guy being awkward and then smoking. Less German, more Sazi!