Two guys rob an underground card game and payback takes the scenic route in coming around.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that when I watched Killing Them Softly I had just broken my arm and was in a fair amount of pain, but I didn’t care much for this one. Dominik and company were trying to do something slick by running political speeches and commentary in the background of all the events of the film, and I found that mildly interesting, but it never got me over the film itself. Mob stories are banal, especially stories about the banal mob. Put Brad Pitt in it, put whoever, but it’s no longer a revelation to see that mob guys are just dullards and losers (nor is it to imply that the system sets them up for a fall). Does it work as an allegory for American culture? I guess, in a ham-fisted kind of way.  The acting is fine too, but all for a who-cares result. This movie doesn’t hit its own targets, and even those are fairly passé. Sorry Brad.