I was slain on the spot when I first heard “You Know You Like It” last year. The beat was just the right touch of funky, the vocals were slinky sex, and it was unquestionably pop, while still having the production we’d expect from something a little serious. Happily, the other singles that followed were of a kind.

The first full length continues on those early victories, even if they are never quite repeated. The singles remain hot, and the filler tracks are very listenable, but there aren’t any surprises hiding among the deep cuts. Well, I suppose the cover of “This Is How We Do It” is somewhat surprising, but I think it’s mostly a miscue on their part: feels stiff.

That said, Body Music is a good pop record. I’ll ruminate most on “Attracting Flies,” “Just a Touch,” and “You Know You Like It,” but there’ll still be times when I give it the straight run-thru.

O it’s nice to be an adult and no longer too cool for pop music.